Lisa M.

Hi Cherie, Just wanted to say thanks again. With all the competing pulls [distractions] as you were leaving, I wasn't able to adequately convey our gratitude. You took a very stressful process (selling a place with financing issues and that stood to benefit enormously from all the TLC you put into it) and made it quite straightforward with relatively little imposition on our schedule. Amazing! And very much appreciated. I do worry that our demands take up too much of your time, but for what it's worth, we really are grateful. Long story short, we're very lucky to have run into you at the open house at that Queen Anne listing way back in the day, and we really do appreciate all the effort and care you've put into everything over the last year (year!).


Erin & Dave H.

It goes without saying that we wouldn’t be here without you. Regardless of all the paperwork and logistics, beyond that we really appreciate you helping us hold it all together throughout the months with a smile on your face. Thank you for being our rock. We’re finally home.



I LOVE the place -- everything about it. I'm getting moved in slowly. I bought a couch to be delivered today. I'm thrilled to be here -- the dumpster divers below just add to my confirmation that this is truly an Eco Pad.


Christina J and O'Hara J

Cherie! Thank you. Thank you for making our house happen. Wow! From the first day we met you at the "other" house, we were immediately struck by your incredible knowledge (and ability to explain that knowledge), exceedingly careful approach to learning about the house and your new "clients" and your thorough and very extensive dedication to your work. Your ability to make it look like it's easy and balance everyone's needs and desire to keep the transaction and relationships fair and positive really stands out, especially in comparison to NYC standards. Thank you for answering all our questions, taking care of every possible detail and maintaining a sense of humor 'til the end. You are very gifted at what you do and we are very lucky to have been placed in your path. Looking forward to getting to know you beyond the world of real estate!


Kate K

Cherie, we just wanted to drop a quick note thanking you for making such a great offer presentation on our behalf this week. It sounds like you read the situation perfectly and worked your magic! Thanks again - it's been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. We are in the home stretch now!


Tim O

Cherie, we just wanted to drop a quick note thanking you for making such a great offer presentation on our behalf this week. It sounds like you read the situation perfectly and worked your magic! Thanks again - it's been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. We are in the home stretch now!


Jason C

You did great by us, so it's only fair that we try to send more business your way! Jaye is an old friend, and I think she's someone who could really use your honesty and expertise about the Seattle market. Good luck!


Susan G and David D

You did an excellent job, and we appreciated all your efforts.


Hannah Nerbovig

Thank YOU! Melanie and Doug look very, very happy! I'm so happy for them AND you. I just wanted to reiterate what an amazing job you did representing them. Hope your broker and your clients know that and appreciate you!


Jeff H

Thank YOU! Melanie and Doug look very, very happy! I'm so happy for them AND you. I just wanted to reiterate what an amazing job you did representing them. Hope your broker and your clients know that and appreciate you!


Heidi W

Outstanding. [Cherie] goes above and beyond. The sale of my condo required dealings with a very difficult person at the condo association. Cherie was super at following up with this person and working to get answers and actions completed. Once it was evident the sale would not happen due to condo association loan requirements, Cherie immediately took the actions to cancel the original offer, reached out to the second person whose offer we originally rejected and got my condo SOLD!


Erica A

Thanks for putting SO much great work into explaining every move and thought process, very confidence-inducing.


Scarlett A

Above and beyond anything we've even heard of agents doing - she even installed a light fixture! We've already referred her to everyone we know who is considering ever buying or selling anything. Cherie is AWESOME! We wish she could help us buy and sell houses long-distance, now that we've moved out of state.


Diana J

Thank you for being a great agent. It was a pleasure working with you, I felt comfortable every step of the way.


Danielle D

Cherie was actually the seller's agent in our real estate transaction, and we were so impressed with her mad skills and ethics that, should we ever find ourselves in need of an agent again - and I really really hope we don't - we would not hesitate to sign with her. And, given the misery we have been through in the real estate market this past year, not to mention the revolving door of agents we have hired and fired, those are big words. She doesn't just know her way around houses, she is very well versed in real estate law, and can handle even the trickiest of transactions with grace and a genuinely vested interest in the happiness of both parties.


Kelli K

This is so awesome. I’m really glad we listened to you – I think your advice is worth every single, solitary penny of your hard earned commission. This is why we trust you. XOXO


Kristin and Matt A

Cherie gave so much attention, we felt like we were her only clients. We even worried she didn't have enough work/life balance since she was available to us all the time! Everyone in this region has heard of Windermere, but we really chose Cherie due to great referrals from people we know that have worked with her. I'm sure Windermere is a great company, but we made the decision and had a great experience because of Cherie herself. We trusted her judgement and knew we were in good hands.


Sherri S

Dear Cherie, "Thank you" does not even begin to say it! [heart drawing]


Trevor S

Thanks Cherie. I'm reserving my full celebration until we're at Mutual Agreement. And learning the eccentricities of the fax machine. Sounds like [your] deep knowledge won this one. Thank you again, very much.


Melissa P

Hi Lorrin, I just wanted to say thank you again for referring me to Cherie. You are right. She absolutely ROCKS!! She also found our dream house in Queen Anne. I seriously could not have done it without her. She is so proactive and patient, but also very assertive. She understood what we wanted and did not let us compromise that.


Laura and Carol E

I want to give Carol and my thanks for all the great work you have done for us. You have gotten us a price I would never have dreamed of. We are both really tired from all the moving and remodel at the other place, but I wanted to take the time to say a hearty thanks. I will not hesitate to sing your praises to any and everyone I meet who needs a fabulous realtor!!!


Al R

Stellar. Cherie was great with her communication and setting our expectations. Everything happened just as she communicated. Customer Service was outstanding!



Thank you so much for everything you did and helped me with on the lakebay house!!! I would have been so lost without you. Thank you for taking such good care of me even after we closed! You are the best, over and over! I am so happy with the purchase.


Doug J.

You are, dear, the best, most professional, most intelligent, most detail-oriented, and efficient real estate agent we've ever worked with.



We are finally all moved in! Thank you so much for being the BEST realtor in the whole wide world.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you helped my parents find a new place for us before I started crawling. I had a certain vision of what my toddlerhood would look like and our old place was just not going to cut it.

Now, I have plenty of room to run around and so many places to try out my new life-threatening stunts! I am having so much fun. Thanks also for making the process unbelievably easy for my very tired and sleep-deprived parents.

If you can help a new family with a 4-month-old find their dream first-home, then I am sure you can help anyone! You rock!


Dominic M and Crystal H

Cherie, Thanks so much for helping us make our first home a reality. We never could have done it so well, or with so much class, without you.


Dorothy E

Thank YOU, Cherie!! As usual, I feel I was in the best of hands throughout all of this and I am really pleased with where we've ended up, house-wise. Everyone is happy.


Laura T

Thanks Cherie so much for a painless house-marketing and house-selling process. You really are a pro and I've been singing your praises to my friends and colleagues.


Kristin K

Our pleasure! We¡¯ve loved working with you and I know that Lulu will too. You took very good care of me on my first home and I know that you¡¯ll do the same for her.


Michelle K

Being first time home buyers on a limited budget there were a lot of times that I felt like we were scraping the bottom of the barrel of the real estate market. It seemed like everywhere we turned there were houses with super low ceilings, different shades of wood paneling in every room, sinking floors, even bath tiles on the ceiling in one kitchen! Sometimes I felt like we were wasting Cherie's time but she always made us feel important and would meet us anytime or anywhere to look at any crazy property we wanted to look at. Not only did we find a house that I can raise my arms above my head in (I'm 6 feet) but it is a house that we can really grow into (either as a family or as artists- not sure which yet) and we feel so fortunate that Cherie helped us find it. I highly recommend her to all my friends & coworkers and anyone who will listen.


Jane and James W

James and I were talking in the car I just wanted to tell you that we are really enjoying working with you. We really appreciate your positive attitude and value your judgment. We think you¡¯re doing a great job for us. Thanks so much for all your hard work!


Kristie F

Working with Cherie was a pleasure, she was enthusiastic and responsive. Cherie took time to understand my particular interests and needs and was quick to point out pros and cons for each home we looked at. I feel as though she truly had my interests in mind and wanted me to find the right home. And she did!


Mark A.

Perfect! She understood my needs, demands and wants... Helped me through the stressful part as well. Have given two enthusiastic referrals already. She found the place [I bought]. Has helped with design ideas. Responsive at ALL hours. Truly exceptional.


Mark A.

God’s hands and fingerprints were in this through the entire process. That’s how you wound up in our lap and glad that you did. Thank you for all of your help. It has been a pleasure working with you. You did a wonderful job and I felt very well taken care of. Didn’t have to worry about a thing...other than my emotions and letting go of a 23-year personal project.


Melissa W

Thanks again for EVERYTHING! I am SO glad Jeff and Jennie referred you. We have had so much fun working with you and you've set yourself apart as such an expert in this field!


Sarah G

Thank you Cherie! We really appreciate not only your expertise, but the time and attention you are able to give to our very specific funding scenario. Thank you so much for steering us in the right direction -- I feel we are in very good hands all around!


Stephanie F

Thank you for making my condo a home during my transition. You have been such a huge help during one of the most difficult times of my life. I really do appreciate all you have done for me.


Mike H

Woo hoo! Thanks so much for making this happen for us, Cherie. As you can imagine we¡¯re pretty damn excited. We love, love, love this house, and will be turning Monster Manor from pretty cool to spectacular.


Doug B

Cherie is a superhero, a tech-savvy dynamo of an agent who wrestled our amazing first home from the grips of a savage Seattle market. We were clueless yet picky amateurs at the beginning of the process, and after Cherie stuck by us for five tough months, we emerged enlightened, yet with our choosiness pleasantly intact. She was tireless, patient, and consistently available. If and when we choose to wade back into the real estate fray, Cherie will definitely be our champion of choice again.


Shelley M

Nik, I see your house sold subject to inspection! Bravo. She's [Cherie] a wonderful agent and you are in good hands.


DeWayne B

Wow Cherie you are awesome. Keep up the great work. I will definitely keep giving business to Windermere.


Jaye W

Trevor and I both commented today that you really did earn your money from this experience. Thanks so much for all of your efforts.


Daniel and Natalie S

Cherie - Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work while making the sale of our condo much less stressful on us! We've worked with other realtors in the past, but none of them have been as on the ball and proactive in getting things done as you have with us. We really appreciate all the work you put into the CMA reports, helping us to know exactly what was going on in the market. You definitely earned every cent of your commission - and then some! Thanks for all your help. We'll definitely work with you again when we make our next move.


Kristy L. Coomes

Letters of recommendation often sound like they are form written. I know that we all truly want to say thanks, but it is hard to send a letter of recommendation and make it reflect the real and personal connections. I struggled as I considered how I could ever thank you in writing for the outstanding job that you did selling my parents home after their death. I finally realized what I needed to say in writing was what I very frequently say to many, many friends and acquaintances. So, here it is: Cherie taught me the difference between having a really talented real estate agent who cares, works hard, and who knows how to sell a house, versus a very nice, reputable, experienced real estate agent who has lots of listings but doesn’t seem to be very interested. My parents’ home in the Montlake area had been on the market for nearly eight months. It was listed with a major realtor. There was an open house (which only neighbors and a couple of others attended) and dozens of realtors and potential buyers regularly toured the house throughout the months. I’d never sold a house before, but I realized that the newspaper ads were infrequent and uninteresting, the Internet listing photo showed only the front of the house, and the house description was a short, highly forgettable paragraph. The realtor did help me by pointing out things that could be done to potentially improve the sale of the house, but quite honestly, I learned more about selling a house from HGTV shows. We uncluttered, we painted, we fixed, and as the estate was settled, the furnishings were moved out. And as all this happened the selling price of the house was reduced, and then reduced again. But the house didn’t sell. We didn’t receive a single offer in eight months, even though the house was in a prime location, it had enormous potential with its three stories, large rooms, beautiful yard, a garage, etc., etc. Enter Cherie, who offered a written proposal describing her sales process and her qualifications. She went through the house with a fine-tooth-comb, even getting down on her knees to discover whether the 1920s floor might be wood beneath the 1940s linoleum. After we signed our realtor agreement she gave me a list of things that needed to be fixed, remodeled, removed, etc., and we followed through with her directions. But she also worked along with us. We would come into the house in the morning and discover that she had been there since 4 a.m. in order to get the perfect digital picture of a fire in the fireplace and to finish painting the front door a new color. Once we had agreed to talk at 8 a.m. but when I called she didn’t answer. A few minutes later she called me back, apologized and said I climbed on top of my car so I could get a really good digital picture of the back of the house and the garden. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to my cell phone fast enough to answer your call.She staged the house with great skill. The Internet photos and descriptions really showed the soul of the house and the neighborhood that I grew up with and loved. Her newspaper advertisements were right on. And within one week of putting the house on the market it sold in a bidding war with six solid offers. She continued to help us through the closing intricacies and inspections. Cherie is talented, hard working, professional, and caring. Snap up her services if you have the opportunity!



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